Masonic 3D Printing


It’s the 21st century so Blendon 339 has gotten on board with the bleeding-edge tech that is 3D printing! 3D printing is designing a graphic file on a computer and using a special printer to actually “print” that shape into the real world.

Creations like these present candidates and members alike with something physically tangible to hold as they go through their degree work, awards, special occasions, etc. Example: after receiving a degree, the candidate receives the working tools of that until they complete the set. Bringing ancient traditions to the 21st century in a very cost effective way.

The coins, awards and working tools are completely open source, aka – FREE. Meaning feel free to download, modify, reproduce. The other items are made by third parties but are free to download and print as well.

You can take these files to get printed in materials like plastic, various metals, chocolate and even concrete. The file can be sent to any person with a 3D printer, these files are print-ready.

Blendon 339 recommends using the free program TinkerCad to design/edit 3D printable files, you can find it here. SVG files can also be imported into this program.

For smaller quantities printing is done in-house using a $299 printer called the XYZPrinting Davinci Jr 1.0 bought through Staples. It’s a home printer so it has no bells & whistles, but it gets the job done well.

Many public libraries have 3D printers and local vendors can be found across N. America to print through as well.

Please send us pictures of your prints, we’d love to see them! Email to

3D printed Masonic working tools

Click here for the 3D printable Masonic Working Tools, designed by Matt Johnson, PM.

3D printable King Solomon's Temple

Click here for King Solomon’s Temple, designed by Mikael S.

Scaled up, painted

Click here for the (blank) award plaque template, designed by Benjamin Hedges.


Click here for Freemason, designed by Brian Matthews.

Generic coin with G

Click here for a generic Masonic coin with G, designed by Benjamin Hedges.

Generic coin with no G

Click here for a generic Masonic coin without the G, designed by Benjamin Hedges.

Blendon Coin

Click here for the Blendon 339 coin, designed by Benjamin Hedges. Redesign the coin with your own Lodge’s number!


Click here for the Ohio coin, designed by Benjamin Hedges.

14th District Coin

Click here for the 14th District coin, designed by Benjamin Hedges.

Rough Ashlar

Click here to download “Rough Stone”, designed by Willie Beckmann.

Salomon's Temple

Click here to download Salomon’s Temple, designed by “bybinhabr“.

Click here to download a Past Master’s Jewel, designed by Benjamin Hedges.

Scaled up, unpainted
Grand Lodge of Ohio 3D Printing

Click here to download the Grand Lodge of Ohio’s 2016 – 2017 logo.

Grand Lodge
Mounted on a display stand at the Grand Lodge of Ohio!

If you do a Google search for “square and compass 3d printing“, “freemason 3d printing“, “masonic 3d printing“, etc you’ll find a wealth of other print-ready files you can download and print yourself or locally.